NanoCloud Oculus

NanoCloud Oculus is another product from us. This is a multimedia design services including 2D, 3D and animation.


We have 3 Nanocloud Oculus service line :

3D visualizer
Visualizing a product with 3D almost used by any kind of industry today. To create a convincing mock-up of an item, we have to build with 3D. It helps client to see how their products going to be advertise.

Our 3D visualization works exactly like that. We want to design a product and develop something interesting for people to look at.

With the concept mockup and the touch of photographic manipulation, we can get what you want it to be.

Graphic Design
Our next design product is graphic design. As we know, every step to bring up the selling object is start with design and how to make it creatively.

The quality is surely taking a main part of the result. With great vector designer team and well-crafted ingredients, makes us always want to keep up the good work.

Logo,Flyer / Poster, Media set (Flyer, poster, baliho, spanduk, roll banner, Photo Retouch, Photo Manipulation

This is our ingredients. Designs were not to be seen if there is no supporting material, like printing. We have it here.

We provide offset and digital printing to give our clients an answer to their needs. Quality is our priority because we have great partnership with one of the best printing company in Jakarta.

All price depends on demand and quantity.